High School Leader Instructions

  1. Relax - this is FUN! You are among friends! Don't forget to introduce yourself.
  2. You can bring in your own material for a faith message if you'd like. While devotions and messages are provided on the CFC website for your use, you are also more than welcome to use something of your own. There are all sorts of resources and websites available online. As another option, you can go to your youth leader and he or she is usually more than willing to give you material for a 20 minute message! Just make sure it includes scriptural references and you close with a prayer. If you choose to use CFC-provided material, first download and print the leader's copy. A little prep time the night before can go a long way.
  3. There are a variety of faith messages available to you on the CFC website. "LOL" or "Living out Life" messages are online.  The focus is life application of God's Word.  The messages are designed to encourage "living out life" Monday through Friday and 'normalizing' faith for high school students.  The messages are organized in sections.  The first are stories or topical illustrations with biblical references.  The second is biblical readings followed by discussion questions and "LOL" takeaway. Questions are built in for easy discussion.  You should note as a leader, however, that you will usually not get through all the questions, so choose wisely which ones you feel are best for the reading.  
  4. After everyone has arrived the morning of club, start the meeting with a simple ice breaker. This primes the meeting for discussion. There are a number of sources for good ideas. Teachers are a great source too! You could ask "would you rather" questions as you go through the group. A simple, well-crafted sentence will also do just as well. Examples might be "What cool thing did you do during summer break?" "Where did you go over spring break?" or "If you could change one thing about high school, what would it be?" The ideas are endless. The objective is to get the group talking!
  5. A word about discussion and asking questions: it is important to begin by calling on individuals by name, because often times students are unwilling to speak up initially. It is also very important to be patient in this process.  Ask the questions and encourage responses - most kids are interested in having their thoughts heard.  You might also break into smaller groups of 3 or 4 so friends can share with friends and then bring the group back together to share thoughts.  Finally, feel free to ask for help!  CFC can attend your faith club or have another student attend to assist and provide support. 
  6. Share any announcements and then close in meeting with a prayer - you can use your own or have someone read the one listed. This is an EXCELLENT opportunity to get others involved. Ask if someone would read the prayer. Don't say, "Does anyone want to do the prayer?" While this might work, it is far better to say, "Angela, would you mind reading the prayer?" Better yet, talk to someone before the meeting about closing in prayer!
  7. Have FUN!!!!


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