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Welcome students, teachers, parents, church leaders, community leaders and other concerned adults who are interested in the Christian foundation and healthy development of the future leaders of our society and the next generation. Nothing less than the future is at stake and by reading this "Road Map to a CFC" you are saying that you care and that you want to get into the game and make a difference.  Thank you!

Campus Faith Clubs (CFC) was birthed out of the reality that the majority of young people fall away from faith in middle school and high school as they go off to college.   The numbers are staggering.  8 of 10 kids will either stop attending church or disavow their faith altogether.  What's worse is this happens at exactly the most inopportune time, when they are growing up, life is changing and they are making lifelong decisions.  Think about it.  They're the ones making the decisions now, not their parents.  They choose friends, who they are going to hang out with on Friday and Saturday night, where they are going to school or to college and what they are going to do for the rest of their life.  And finally, arguably the most important decision of all in terms of future generations, they are going to decide (or not) on who their future spouse and partner will be in raising kids.   Sadly, ALL this happens through a secular lens and not a faith based lens.                   

Imagine for a moment if your church lost 80% of its membership, you'd have Defcon 1, wouldn't you?  Every stone would be turned over to try to solve the problem.   Every resource would be brought to bear.  People wouldn't stand for it.  So why do we stand for it in youth ministry?  Where's the sense of urgency to find a remedy?  Where's the outrage?  

Enter Campus Faith Clubs.   As a society we have done a reasonably good job of teaching our children the tenets of faith, but what we haven't done a very good job with is how to live that faith and understand how it integrates with everyday life and decision making.  With CFC, this is changing.  Youth now have a vehicle that promotes faith in everyday living.  Students no longer have to "take off their faith cap" on Monday morning to put their "school cap" on.  Instead, they can wear the faith cap 24/7 and see faith as a source of strength, and an asset, and not something to be hidden or ashamed of.  

School administrators support CFC because one of the best outcomes of faith clubs is a more caring and compassionate student body.  With student loneliness and bullying continuing to be chronic problems this is needed now more than ever. 

But how is this done? How can kids gather in schools for faith?  Isn't this prohibited with church and state laws?  The answer very simply put is "No" - provided certain boundaries are maintained.  If a school has other non-curricular clubs (eg. speech or chess clubs) then it must provide the same opportunity to a faith club.   Within the pages of this "Roadmap" manual you will learn about these boundaries and we will explain in detail the steps that must be followed for a successful start up.  CFC has 7 years of experience in creating and maintaining school clubs.  The "Roadmap" illustrates what you can and can't do and unveils the secrets of having a successful CFC.  Moreover, our simple process (it's as easy as 1-2-3!) maps the creation of a faith club from start to finish. 

Let's begin!

Mark Meier

Executive Director of Campus Faith Clubs


Copyright 1/1/14 - 2nd Edition






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