Middle / Junior High School Leader Instructions

  1. Relax - this is FUN! You are among friends!

  2. Team up with a partner. Remember to speak up LOUD and CLEAR - this is the source of the biggest issues, usually, so speak up!

  3. Always call on kids using their first name. If you don't know it, ask!

  4. Pre-read the activity sheet the night before or in the morning. Read the back for discussion ideas.

  5. Have seats set up in a circle if possible (be sure to return seats back to their original position after the club is over).

  6. Do an icebreaker. Start right at your start time as you will be pressed for time otherwise. You can use the "Have you ever book" (provided in kit) or some other ice breaker book. Be sure to have students stand up. This gets them going in the morning

  7. The activity sheet folder will be kept in teacher's room.

  8. When reading the questions, if no one would like to answer, answer yourself or have a friend answer the first couple of questions.

  9. For other questions, ask others. How you ask determines if you will get a response. DON'T ask, "Does anyone want to say something?" or "Does anyone want to answer?" Most students are NOT just going to raise their hand and say something. Instead, call on someone by NAME. For example, say instead, "Angela, what would you say to this question?" If you specifically use their name, they will respond. If they don't, just go on to next person. You could also ask the teacher his or her thoughts if she's available to get things started.

  10. There will also be "leader" notes for each question, but remember that it's better to get others talking if possible. If not, you can always provide your thoughts too.

  11. Always close the meeting with a prayer. You can use your own or have someone read the prayer provided. Again, ask if someone specific would read the prayer. Don't say, "Does anyone want to do the prayer?" While this might work, it is better to say, "Angela, would you mind reading the prayer?" Better yet, ask a student to do the prayer before the meeting even begins.

  12. Leaders or facilitators should attempt to spread themselves around in the seating arrangement. This will help encourage group participation.

  13. Develop a signal for controlling noise level. You might use a clap cadence or snapping fingers.

Have FUN!!!!


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