1. Note from Mother to Middle School Teacher and CFC Advisor.

"Thank you for all you have done at [our middle school].  Feith raves about you.  You truly have made a big impact on her.  As Christian parents in the public school system, we appreciate your desire to support Feith in her faith.  The Lord will reward you for your obedience and faithfulness even in the workplace for Him.

Many blessings to you Colin."


      2.  Testimony from High School Senior.

"Faith Clubs brought me to strong Christians, people whose lives I saw and wanted to emulate.  In 10th grade, I began to truly seek Christ, partly because of the people I knew in Faith Club.  Faith Club also helped me to become more vocal about what I believed.  It only took one time yelling across a full classroom, "The donuts are from Bible Study!" for me to lose my inhibitions talking about my faith and the reason why I get up so early on Friday mornings.  Faith Clubs have made me comfortable praying in front of others, talking about Christ, and discussing what God is doing in my life.  This past Wednesday night, I was given the tremendous opportunity to share a favorite bible verse at Apple Valley's Fields of Faith event.  Without the influence of Faith Clubs I would never have had the courage to talk about my faith in front of 425 people!"


      3. Story from Mother of High School and Middle School Students after attending CFC Gathering.

"Just wanted to send you a note of thanks for an uplifting and inspirational evening last night.   It was so fun to hear about all of the things happening and especially to hear the youth sharing their faith and experiences.   Lizzy (College Student and former CFC Leader and Alum) made reference a few times about the book "A Purpose Driven Life".   When we left the meeting last night both Dominique and Angela said they wanted to read the book.   I had read that book as part of a Bible Study at Messiah in 2005 and that was a big turning point in my faith.  My marriage was having troubles and that book helped me to focus more on God and trust that he had a plan.   I ended up divorce in the spring of 2006 (Dominique was 8, Angela was 6).    Again, I relied on God and Faith to get us through everything.   During that time I bought each of the girls the book and put a personal note in each of them dated 2006.   Those books have been saved in storage….waiting for the right time to give it to them.   That time was last night!   Imagine their surprise and laughter when they each received their books…with my note from 2006.  It was perfect and they are excited to read and learn…and grow in their Faith.

I am sure you have no idea of the impact [this ministry is making] ~ thanks for all that you do!"


       4.  Message from School Board Chair and candidate for state office.

"It is great that you saved this email about the need to form school faith groups!  I believe it was 6 years ago and just think how far we've come.  Unfortunately though, it seems our right to openly express our faith is threatened every day.  The grassroots efforts of PB and J ministries are critical to continue to bring hope and good news to our students.  One thing that never changes is that we will always face challenges in our lives.  It is the opportunity to get to know God better and trust him to help us through those challenges so that we may grow in our faith.  I applaud the leaders of these students and those who have the courage to be involved.  It is certain that you are making a difference in people's lives.  It is my hope to also make a difference at the State Capitol, if elected this fall.   I'll close with a bible verse:  "I am the way, the truth and the life.  Whoever believes in me shall never die" John 11:25.  Thank you and keep up the great work of spreading the good news!"

Roz Peterson - Lakeville/Burnsville







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