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CFC Application/Renewal Form

Campus Faith Club at                             

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Campus Faith Club Affiliation:

As a Campus Faith Club, the local Club joins a movement of over 150 schools who have initiated and started CFC Clubs across the nation since our inception in 2007.  As a member local clubs are eligible for the following benefits: 1) Coaching and Training in starting a Club 2) Proprietary Curriculum 3) Financial Funding 4) Repository of resources including speakers, service project and other materials and 5) Corporate Promotion of your local club through CFC’s social/ministry network reaching thousands. 

 Requirements for Local Club Affiliation:

Support of Campus Faith Clubs Mission and Five Core Tenets and Values of Ministry:

“Empowering and Equipping Students to share the Hope and Love of Jesus M-F on Campus”

  • Student-Led (Student Led ministry)

  • On-Campus (School’s population and on campus)

  • Every Student (All are welcome / ministered to equally)

  • Kingdom (Kingdom focus / non-denominational)

  • Prayer and Word (Prayer and Biblical Authority) 


Selection of at least one adult CFC spiritual advisor. Normally your teacher advisor (that the school requires) but outside parent or adult or CFC Staff may serve in this capacity as well. Adults are selected by local clubs and sanctioned by CFC. Role is to provide oversight and accountability. This person needs to meet with and be approved by CFC staff.

Participation in promotion and communication of CFC wide initiatives to expand impact and reach of CFC mission and vision. Includes regular communication with CFC staff, invitation to Club members of CFC events such as Fields of Faith, Camp, etc.

Understanding and agreement to CFC Statement of Faith in selecting leadership and selecting teachings. CFC reserves the right to cancel affiliation if it deems any of the above requirements are not being met. 


Student Officers. As a student-led organization, it’s recommended there shall be no less than 2 and no more than 8 officers who will serve the Club.  Further, 1-3 officers should be identified as Lead Officers to chart direction and provide overall leadership of the Club. Additional participants of the Club may be identified by Officers to support or complete tasks as assigned. Current  officers with guidance from advisors will make selections for next year’s Officers.  (Note for Middle Schools a group of students are identified as “officers” and represent collectively the ‘student-led requirement’ of the club).


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