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Club Renewal Process

The Club Renewal Process is something that all Clubs must complete to insure the successful continuation of the Club after the spring. Below, find critical dates and resources regarding future Club officers.

Critical Dates

April 1st: Officer Application Sent Out
May 1st: Officer Interviews Begin
May 15th: New Officers Installed

Using your school's officer application form, coordinate with CFC to connect the emails that you'd like to receive form submissions. Then, by April 1st, promote the application by both putting the link to your officer application form in your Instagram bio. and reaching out directly to potential officer candidates.

The week prior to May 1st, advertise the upcoming deadline. By May 1st, end the application process, removing the link from your Instagram bio. Then, begin the officer interview process.

By May 15th, complete the interview process. At this point, send Officer Commitment Forms to those selected to be officers. Requiring each potential officer to sign and submit this form is a great final step to insure they are committed to serving. Once officers have turned in this form, they're on your team! Invite them to participate as leaders for any remaining club meetings in the spring so they can get comfortable in the role and be ready for next fall.

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