Build a spiritual lighthouse to shine in your school, serve as the lighthouse keeper, and have donuts! Starting a campus faith club is a straight-forward process, and we’ll help you every step of the way.


You’ll receive detailed documents to help you start your club. Plus, register or login to access the content here online.

  1. Invite. Ask friends, parents, teachers, and the church to pray for your school, and to raise up leaders to start your club.
  2. Equip. Gather students, parents, and teachers for information, training, and planning meetings.
  3. Send. With a friend or two, meet with your school’s Activities Director or Administration to get official permission to start your club.
    • Once received, set a date, promote, and launch!
Ready to get started on your club?

Start-up Resources

To help you start your club, we offer:

  • an easy to use Guidebook
  • quick two-minute training videos
  • a template for a minute by minute breakdown of each meeting
  • a plan for your first six weeks
  • a planning sheet

The planning sheet provides an overview, start-to-finish, fill in the blanks form designed to help student leaders design their club and launch it in their school.

The initial steps of starting a club are outlined in the guidebook: Find friends to help lead the club. Find a teacher wiling to advise the club. Find supportive parents to be a liaison to the club.

Sounds doable, right? Plus, we’re here to help.

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Information, Training, and Planning Meeting Resources

Once you’ve identified your key personnel, a Campus Faith Clubs representative will have an informational meeting with the prospective student leaders. During this meeting, the representative will walk you through the next steps, and provide helpful tools, to ensure that meeting with an administrator from your school results in a launch date for the faith club.

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Campus Faith Club Operational Resources

Our Meeting Plan and Club Content Options will layout a template of the minutes of each faith club, as well as give options of the various speaker, video, and worship options to take advantage of at each club meeting.

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Need More Help?

Contact us! We want to help you succeed. We’ll do anything in our power to make sure your faith club provides you faith, food, and fellowship in your school. Oh, and don’t forget the donuts.