Dear CFC,

I just wanted to formally thank you for sending me the care package full of amazing, helpful tools to get our Faith Club rolling smoothly this year. God blessed me immensely this summer when I was able to talk to a couple of representatives from your organization at Forest Springs. I was a little worried how our Faith Club was going to go this year because I was running out of good ideas to keep students coming. I prayed that ideas would come and I couldn’t believe I was able to talk to you guys and receive this amazing starter kit. You have no idea how much this kit will help me, not only with the flash drive but with all the trinkets that will be a big hit for sure.

Thanks to you guys, I will hopefully be able to change lives of many young people like myself. I talked to our advisor as soon as school started and we are going to try and start within the next few weeks. I can’t wait to let you know how our first session went.

Sometimes it’s incredible how God works and communicates with people. I know he needs me to be a leader and a preacher to my peers and thanks to you guys at Campus Faith Clubs, I have a crazy amount of motivation to do just that. I’ve never felt so eager to preach God’s Word to my fellow classmates and friends.

I’m extremely excited to get started with our Faith Club and will make sure to tell you all about it. Thanks again for having so much interest in helping me out. Your organization will be more than helpful to me. What you guys do is so amazing and I hope I’m not the only one who is so incredibly moved by your generosity.


- Letter from Jacob
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