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Who is Campus Faith Clubs?

Student-Led | On Campus | Every Student | Kingdom | Prayer and Word

Campus Faith Clubs is a student-led, parent and teacher-supported organization that promotes living out the hope and love of Jesus among peers Monday-Friday in public schools.

Did you know that Jesus is still in public schools? In fact, He’s the most tenured teacher. How is this possible? Through students who love him. Students, have the power, and right, to bring their faith into the classroom, hallways, lunchroom, auditorium and athletic fields. At Campus Faith Clubs, we believe that public schools are among the greatest mission fields in the United States.


Meeting weekly, before or after school, middle and high school Faith Club students share in fellowship, worship, God's Word, prayer, encouragement, and lots of fun! (Oh, and don't forget the donuts!) It is during these sweet times that students build their own faith, in a safe, welcoming community, while also learning tools to share their faith with others.


But that's just the beginning. It is when club ends and the school day begins that CFC's unique ministry takes place, the mission of sharing the love, hope and good news of Jesus throughout the public school. 

Our Mission 2

Our Mission

To empower and equip students to share the hope and love of Jesus

Monday-Friday in hallways, classrooms, lunchrooms, auditoriums and athletic fields.

Teen Prayer Group

Our Vision

To establish a faith club in every school where students can gather in a safe place for faith, hope, and encouragement through God's Word and Jesus Christ.

"Being a part of Campus Faith Clubs has been awesome! I never imagined I would be talking about Jesus and praying for my classmates and teachers in school! I love my CFC family."

-Kiya Schneider

Our Team

Our Faith Club Family

Our Mission

CFC Does Not Exist Without Your Support!

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