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Volunteering Group

Volunteer Opportunities

We are looking for parents to get involved with CFC and support our mission of  Empowering and Equipping Students to Share the Hope and Love of Jesus Monday-Friday On Campus in Public Schools. See what opportunities are available today! Sign up below for area that you are interested in and you will be contacted via email with more detailed instructions. Please contact  ( for inquiries.

Faith Club Parent Advisor  

Serve as liaison between parents and club. Main duties would be communicating between the club and parents, as well as assisting student leaders as needed. Will serve as communication link with teacher advisors as well. Time commitment: 2 hours/month 

Middle School Service Project Assistant 

Coordinate, plan and carry out service projects during the school year. Examples of past projects include: Feed My Starving Children, Food Drives, Hat/Mitten Drives. Other ideas are welcome as well! Looking for 1-2 coordinators for each middle school. 

Admin Support

Assist with CFC mailings, printing, graphic design, emailing to customers and general office support.  Time commitment: Varies

Board Member

Join CFC's Board of Directors to oversee and guide CFC Ministry direction and vision.  Service terms are for 1 year. 

Donut Coordinator  

Create sign up genius and process for organizing donut donation and delivery for club meetings 

CFC Blogger  

Love to write? Passionate about what God is doing in the schools? We are looking for someone to write 1- 2 short articles a month to post on the CFC website. Articles could be about things happening locally at your club, statewide or national. 

Merchandise Rep  

Design, procure and distribute CFC clothing and merchandise. Time commitment: 4-5 hours or as needed throughout the year 

CFC Church Liason

Be a liaison between Campus Faith Clubs and your home church for communication of information and promotion of clubs and events. Time commitment: 2 hours monthly 

High School Service Project Assistant  

Assist High School student leaders in organizing, planning, carrying out service projects during the school year. Examples of past projects include: Feed My Starving Children, Food Drives, Hat/Mitten Drives. Other ideas are welcome as well! 

Banquet Support

Serve on CFC team as volunteer in planning and preparing for CFC's Annual Gala in November.  Activities involve mailings, invitations, graphic design, silent auction, and more..... Time Commitment: Varies 

Caribou Coaching  

Be a Mentor/Coach for a CFC student leader. Be matched with a student leader for monthly or bi monthly coffee dates for encouragement and mentoring. Time commitment 2-3 hours per month 

Facebook Group Administrator  

Serve as an administrator for a CFC Facebook page. Time requirement: 30 minutes a week to create and set up posts for club promotion, happenings and events. 

Teacher Appreciation Coordinator  

Assist with identifying and/or delivering appreciation gifts twice annually, at Christmas time and the end of the school year. Choose to do one or both. Time commitment: 6 hours 

Parent Liaison for Fields of Faith

Serve as a parent representative on the FOF planning team, assist student leaders in planning and carrying out the event. Time commitment is approx. 6 hours between Aug and Oct. 

 Swamped for time?

Consider supporting the 9-Month Mission in the Public Schools.

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