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I am a Pastor

Campus Faith Clubs isn’t a church inside of schools. It’s students being the Church in
schools Monday-Friday. 

Attending church on the weekends or a midweek youth service is key to fostering a
student’s faith foundation. But what about Monday-Friday in a place where they
spend most of their day... school? Keep scrolling to learn how you, as a pastor, can grow your church through Campus Faith Clubs.

Our Mission 2

What is CFC

CFC is a parachurch, student-led, teacher-advised, and parent-supported organization. Our unique model of empowering and equipping students to lead allows those already walking with Christ an opportunity to serve in a leadership capacity. This builds their confidence in discipleship while also providing a peer-to-peer learning environment that is safe, welcoming, and inspiring for those who are new to their faith journey.


How CFC Can Grow Your Church

The Church is essential for young believers to dive deep into their faith. Pastors help us identify strong youth from their programs to step up as leaders in the Faith Clubs.


Then, through their youth mentioning it and the pastors themselves visiting and shouting out their church, students who would've never stepped foot in church get invited and come for the first time! Click below to get in touch with us, we'd love to meet over coffee and discuss more how we can "raise the water level".

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